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tv   Business  Deutsche Welle  May 16, 2019 11:15pm-11:30pm CEST

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uncompromising and unapologetic. you're watching the w. news live from berlin still to come business the text company that's become a flashpoint in the u.s. china trade war now washington effectively labels pull away a security risk. those stories and much more forward stephen he's up next stick around. if you ever have to cover up a murder the best way to make accidents raring to. never read a book like this. mr jermyn street. what keeps us to say what needs to see. my name is dr.
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i talk to me because they still. watch them at work. and they discuss what you can do to improve your health. state use and it's called try to stay in good shape. d w. the u.s. targets huawei yet again this time going after its access to the u.s. market as well as american suppliers so how damaging could the move be for the chinese telecoms giant. also on the show how one of the world's top tourist destinations is struggling to recover from recent terror attacks. welcome to business i'm stephen beard thanks for joining us the u.s. has opened a new front in its war huawei adding a chinese firm to a list of companies it considers
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a threat to national security move it could complicate the firm's access to critical components from american companies such as intel or qualcomm huawei executives in the chinese government remain defiant. well way is one of the biggest telecommunications equipment companies in the world and it has close ties to the chinese state that's why u.s. companies have long accused to our way of using its technology to spy something the company vehemently denies that hasn't stopped u.s. president donald trump from signing an executive order to him while weighs operations in the us china reacted angrily. the u.s. is abusing its national power to constantly and deliberately smear and suppress certain chinese companies this is not honorable nor is it just people can clearly see their intentions we call upon the us to stop using the excuse of security issues to indiscriminately suppress chinese companies. trumps to create doesn't
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just affect our way but also us companies that work with while away their business relationships will be closely observed by u.s. authorities and risk being officially proscribed there are fears the development of the super fast 5 g. mobile data network could be delayed in the u.s. without while away on board the company itself doesn't seem too worried. the more you out of business in the united states is not that big global operations any change in one country has little impact on our global business. but at the political level trumps decree has already made its impact further escalating the trade spat between china and the u.s. . and let's go now to our financial correspondent yes quarter in new york yes a while we executive saying there that the company's u.s. business isn't that big but this potential prohibition from doing business with
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u.s. firms that seems significant right. yeah and that's the issue of for your way but also for some of the big us american. market share of your way in the u.s. is indeed limited to but the pens on components from companies like qualcomm or micron technology than actually those shares so from qualcomm and micron saw substantial losses here in the 3rd trading on the upside if you want to put it this way companies like cisco for example could fill in the blank and the stock of cisco was by far the biggest winner in the dow jones industrial average but without those u.s. components. your way organization would be in jeopardy so an even tougher line from the u.s. on wall way how could this play into the trade talks that are either going on or not going on we're never sure. it's certainly increases the pressure and.
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the news agency bloomberg was actually writing is that washington might pull the nuclear option having that said we've seen it here was another chinese. company. they had a similar ban and then at the end washington decided to give special licenses to some u.s. corporations so that by the end they still could supply something similar also could happen with your wife so not all is lost to put it this way and there are certainly and clearly could be some exceptions in support of there from new york with the latest thank you and that's going to you now iceland has passed a new law that requires government agencies and ministries to pay women the same as men by the end of the year it will be extended to private businesses so does this mean the end of the glass ceiling in iceland so women there say no. reykjavik the
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capital of iceland the north atlantic island has a long tradition of equal rights and equal pay for equal work has been the law for about a year now youngster to your works in the transport ministry she was one of the 1st to receive a raise thanks to the new law route spends much of her time sitting in front of a computer at the ministry she works in i.t. and usually takes a sober view of things. constantly trying to create order out of possible chaos so that people can find the information they need when they need it bringing order to the chaos of unequal pay between the sexes is part of what the new law is supposed to do once the ministries and government agencies have done so iceland's large companies will have to implement the law by the end of this year the trade union confederation is the driving force behind the equal pay scheme its president is aware that iceland has an advantage when it comes to making changes including in
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the area of equal rights. of small country we own you have our labor market about 200000 people which is like you know big company and central europe so we can implement these things on her way home route stops by the university hospital her daughter clara is a surgeon here as a matter of course she receives the same pay as her male colleagues but even so she feels things are not as fair as they could be there are more men in the management positions so if you look at it. why italy you would say that the man probably here in this hospital is. more picky. lives outside of reykjavik she's comfortably off but a low she's earning even more money now the pay raise comes with a bitter aftertaste. the 1st feeling i got was the better for disappointment
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because even though this is positive news getting. better salary it also meant that i had probably been anticipate for some time so this was my 1st reaction. but up obviously at the end of the day i was placed route already knows what she'll do with the money she'll take your children and grandchildren on vacation china's relationship with the e.u. has often been difficult asian power has had more luck however with certain member countries usually in the east now a new investment deal with italy a founding member of the e.u. is raising concern across the bloc rome says the deal is just smart business take a look. it was a special event for a special deal at the end of march italy signed a non-binding memorandum of understanding with china on the new silk road beijing's belgian road initiative the 1st g 7 country to do so in future italian ports like 3
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aston genoa will mark the european terminus of the maritime routes to and from china. they're already being upgraded with chinese capital made ready for the mega ships that will distribute goods throughout europe from here debt burden italy is betting that will boost economic recovery. other e.u. countries like france and germany i'm all reticent they worry about potential chinese influence over italy as well as chinese competition the italian connection would see products from china into europe much faster and in much larger amounts we are not the 1st about almost the last 3 to try to gain something from the economy. that's all there is no geopolitical implications. first we are late in the game if anything and so we really want to catch up. experts are still divided over exactly what the new silk road actually is some see the plan network of ports rail links
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and roads primarily as a global infrastructure project that will boost global economic growth others see geo political motives they say china is trying to achieve world domination by subduing countries with debt and dependency. staying in the e.u. the block has handed a 1000000000 euro fine to 5 of europe's biggest banks for rigging foreign exchange benchmarks used in day to day transactions for over a decade the european commission named barclays citigroup j.p. morgan the royal bank of scotland as well as mitsubishi u.s.g. as the offender's citi group was the hardest hit being ordered to pay more than $300000000.00 euros switzerland's u.b.s. was also named in the scandal but was not find after the alerted e.u. officials to the illegal activity. of sri lanka was listed as a travel guide lonely planet's top destination and 2019 but since the devastating
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easter sunday attacks tourism there has plummeted and he could do a popular surfing destination in the southwest many hotels are currently closed. competition for a deck chair used to be stiff not anymore restaurants to have been struggling to draw in visitors. since the easter sunday attack 3 lanka has seen an 80 percent drop in tourism with fears over a piece of a devastating attack like this one keeping people away. most of the hotels in this area have closed those that have remained open are relying on local to make up for the drop in foreign visitors still managers are keen to convey an optimistic message. leave. the state leave you. feel. deep in the fortunes.
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to go out your lives. and i believe yeah. that tourism employs half a 1000000 people in sri lanka and accounts for almost 5 percent of the country's g.d.p. reassuring holidaymakers is a difficult balancing act boosting security tends to make people feel safer but it may not put them in the mood for a vacation. and that's it for me and the business team i'm steven van zandt thanks for watching.
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the full. center of the conflict zone the fronting the powerful the from charlotte county separatist leaders of the failed independence food was laid off to visions in spanish the sun to come i guess this week here in madrid is sprains foreign minister joseph morales because he youngs of a challenge to the trial scaf fundamentalism 805. conflicts the 1st in 60 minutes. the for. the for her
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indoctrinate but to listen. close 90 connect to an unbiased agenda subscribe now on you tube. this is steve every news africa coming up in the next 15 minutes then you know it testosterone rolls by the international association of athletics federations we'll hear from kenya's limpid bronze medalist margaret one boy she fears the new regulation could be a career ender. at least visit a husband school in sierra leone it's an initiative tackling domestic violence by teaching men not to abuse their why.

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